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Lookout Mobile Security Review – Top Rated Android Security App

Lookout Mobile Security Review – Top Rated Android Security App

Mobile security is gaining increased recognition with the rise in mobile theft and privacy invasions. Smartphones today are an essential link in our lives that help us connect all the dots together. Cell phones are a major databank of personal information as well as important office documents. Whether you connect it to your banking account or use it for social networking, you should ensure complete security and protection of your phone.

Lookout Mobile Security app for Android provides key security options that keep your phone and your data safe. Whether you were under attack by a thief or left it somewhere, Lookout takes care of all your sensitive information so that it is not misused when your phone falls into the wrong hands.

Lookout Mobile Security Review – Top Rated Android Security App

Lookout Android security is one of the top Android security apps that provide free security protection along with remote GPS locating and contacts backup. For additional features such as complete data backup, a privacy advisor, remote locking and remote wiping, and safe browsing, you can easily upgrade to a premium account at an affordable price.



With the Lookout’s backup feature, you can store your phone contacts on a 1.5 GB cloud storage that can be easily transferred to a new device while being encrypted for secure transfer. If you opt for a premium account, you can even save your pictures and call history to your online account.

In case your android phone gets stolen, it can be easily located on the Google maps by logging into your Lookout online account. Moreover, you can even make your phone scream a high-pitched shrieking noise even if the device volume is set to low or silent. The ability to remotely use Lookout on the phone enables one to lock it easily remotely to prevent someone from using it, or to wipe all your data in case you do not have any hope of getting it back.  If a thief happens to replace the SIM card, Lookout sends you the new number on your online account so that you can find your phone with the help of the police authorities.

Privacy Advisor is a premium-only feature that provides information regarding the apps on your device that have access to different parts of the phone. This feature is useful in finding out which apps are invading your privacy and have sensitive permissions such as those that track your locations or access messages.  The safe browsing feature is another premium feature that enables automatic detection when you visit a phishing or malware site.

The Lookout Android security performs a full scan weekly by default for any viruses or malware. It can be scheduled for a particular time or day according to our need.


Smooth and simple installation in less than two minutes

Intuitive, straightforward user interface

Lookout Help makes provides for simplified learning of the features rates it as excellent anti-virus protection

Brilliant web interface

Lookout Android security does not interfere with device’s processing speeds and battery life


Apps cannot be backed up.

Customization options are limited

Alerts are not received in case SIM card is changed

Alarm sound is too harsh

Bottom Line

The Lookout Android Security is a free and simple way to protect your phone from nasty malware and privacy invasion. With a range of protection features, Lookout is a must-have for any Android phone. With a simple user-interface and an integrated web platform, Lookout will hardly be noticed while it is running in the background.