Free way to track GPS, phone calls, text messages and web activity on a phone

You may not want to be a text message spy, but facts are facts- the digital space is not entirely child friendly these days. From making contact with catfishing predators right through to dangerous and malicious apps, it’s vital you know what your kids are up to on their phones.

So how do I spy on text messages?

Hold on a second. Balancing your kid’s right to privacy with their online safety needs to be a little more though through then simply uploading a text message spy to the phone. Start any safety conversation by honoring your child’s space- set them clear rules, talk to them about the risk of online issues, and explain to them why you are putting them under surveillance. It will help greatly in your relationship with your child if they understand it’s not a lack of trust in them but rather in the many, many pitfalls of the environment they are working in.

It’s also important to get into the habit of regularly checking their phones. Then you can look at how to spy on text messages so you can be certain the rules are being followed. There are a number of paid apps available if you would prefer to go that route. Phone Tacker from Spy Phone Labs is a free app for use on up to five phones, and will give you quite detailed information about the phones it is installed. These programs will allow you to use the GPS to track the phone’s location, allow you access to call records and show you web and text activity too. This particular app also allows you to use the information offline after account creation, so you are not stuck using valuable data.

How do I find this free text message spy?

Obviously to install the app you will need access to the tablet or phone you are trying to track. You will find this particular app, or the similar one you wish to install to spy on text messages, on the app store for the phone’s operating system, and can install it from there. Open the app on the phone, and see if you need to set up things such as usernames, accounts, passwords and settings. Many apps allow for you to monitor more than one gadget at a time, using the same account and password, so the procedure will be the same for each phone, using the original account data. More details here:

What else do I need to know?

Understand that most text message spy apps do leave some notification on the home screen- this is mostly due to legal requirements that the person realises they are being monitored. For the most part this is good, as it prevents invasion of privacy by apps that could really be easily misused. However, it does mean that some enterprising children will try and find a way to bypass it, and you do need to be vigilant.

Now you know how to spy on text messages, you are better equipped to help keep your children safe in the online world.