Spy Bubble Pro-Revolutionary New Listening Features

Spy Bubble Pro-Revolutionary New Listening Features

SpyBubble Has upgraded!

If you want to know where your kids are, believe your spouse is lying to you about being at the office late, or are an employer who wants to track the use on your employee’s work based cell phone, the original spy bubble software is a great option. With SMS text and call tracking, GPS location trackers, phone book access, email and URL tracking, and photo tracking, you can easily keep track of everything on these phones.

Spy Bubble Pro-Revolutionary New Listening Features

But, for those who are looking for a revolutionary tool and tracker, in addition to all of these great features with the original spy bubble software tracker, with Spybubble Pro you are going to get the call listening and environment listening features as well. So, not only do you have access to everything that is being done on the other line, but with these great new features on Spybubble Pro you are also going to be able to listen in to what is happening.

Now You Can Listen To Calls

With this feature, you are going to have concrete proof of things that are being spoken amongst the phone you are tracking, and the other line. You can listen to the conversation as it is taking place. And, instead of having to keep guessing what is taking place, you will have proof of the things you feared. So, whether you catch a lying spouse, an employee who is doing things that are not work related, or a child who is speaking to friends you do not want them hanging out with, on Spybubble Pro you have the ability to listen in to the calls as they happen.

Powerful Environment Listening

With this feature not only do you get to hear what is being said, but you can also listen in to the environment. So, if you are afraid your spouse is at someone’s home when they should be with you, or if you want to catch an employee you feel may be compromising important company information, or if you want to track where your kids are, and that they are not in a dangerous place, you can with this great feature. The environment tracker will give you insight as to where the conversation is taking place, and you can be certain that your child is safe, or that your spouse were at someone else’s home when they told you they were at work late.

The revolutionary features of the PRO version is an optional upgrade when you purchase the SpyBubble cell phone tracking software. In addition to the original features you get with the SpyBubble, with the pro edition you are going to get much more. The Spybubble Pro is going to allow you the opportunity actually to catch the other person in the act. Since you can hear what is being said, and track the environment they are talking to you from; you will have the ability to know exactly what is going on, when it is happening, and catch the individual who is lying to you on the spot!

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